Andrew Nagorski y los cazadores de nazis: “Eichmann era mejor presa que Mengele”

El periodista e historiador Andrew Nagorski cuenta en su último libro la apasionante historia de los cazadores de nazis desde el final de la Segunda Guerra Mundial hasta la actualidad. Entre ellos, Rafi Eitan, que lideró el comando israelí que capturó en Buenos Aires a Adolf Eichmann, o Beate y Serge Klarsfeld, que persiguieron denodadamente a miembros de las SS como Klaus Barbie, el ‘Carnicero de Lyon’.

Written Off As a Provincial Bumpkin, Helmut Kohl Went on to Create Modern Europe

In the 16 years he served as Germany's Chancellor, Helmut Kohl notched historic achievements while consistently outwitting those who underestimated him.

Journalist lectures on the trying Nazis after World War II

The Brother John G. Driscoll Professorship in Jewish-Catholic Studies welcomed journalist Andrew Nagorski to lecture about his book entitled "The Nazi Hunters” in Romita Auditorium on Wednesday.

Dr. Elena Procario-Foley, the director of Jewish-Catholic studies, introduced Nagorski as an award-winning journalist and foreign correspondent and editor for Newsweek. He also served as the vice president and director of public policy for the EastWest Institute in international affairs.

NASZ WYWIAD: Nagorski: "Nawet najstarszych nazistów należy osądzić dla pamięci ich ofiar i świadomości przyszłych pokoleń"

NASZ WYWIAD: Nagorski: "Nawet najstarszych nazistów należy osądzić dla pamięci ich ofiar i świadomości przyszłych pokoleń"

Historię należy przypominać, aby ludzie ją zrozumieli, pamiętali, wyciągali z niej wnioski na przyszłość i nigdy już nie popełnili zbrodni, jakie wydarzyły się podczas II wojny światowej

— mówi w rozmowie z portalem Andrew Nagorski, amerykański dziennikarz polskiego pochodzenia, autor książki „Łowcy nazistów”.

Los justicieros del holocausto

Con los grandes nombres del aparato nazi condenados en los juicios de Nuremberg, los gobiernos vencedores perdieron interés por apresar a los restantes.

Temple Bet Yam to host award-winning author

In remembrance of Yom Hashoah, (the Holocaust) Temple Bet Yam will host award-winning author and journalist Andrew Nagorski for a discussion of his lastest book “The Nazi Hunters.”

The program will be at 2 p.m. April 23 at Temple Bet Yam, 2055 Wildwood Drive.

Nagorski, who now lives in St. Augustine, was a Newsweek bureau chief in a succession of European capitals.

His most recent books, “Hitlerland: American Eyewitnesses to the Nazi Rise to Power” and “The Nazi Hunters” have received rave reviews.

Book Deals: Week of March 6, 2017: ​​​​​​​S&S Nabs Nagorski WWII Book

Former Newsweek foreign correspondent Andrew Nagorski (Hitlerland) sold North American rights to a new book about Germany during World War II, The Year Germany Lost the War: 1941. Trident Media Group’s Robert Gottlieb brokered the sale with Alice Mayhew at Simon & Schuster. The book chronicles the titular year during the war; as Gottlieb explained, the author makes the case that “a few key blunders laid the foundation for Germany’s subsequent defeat.”

Ron Boat & Andrew Nagorski go Nazi Hunting…. Trip 1 & Trip 2

In the course of my work I’m fortunate to meet, and work with, some fabulous people. Interesting people with diverse backgrounds, lives of accomplishment, even intrigue. Over the last couple of years I’ve had the chance to interact with such a person – Andrew Nagorski. One of the most fascinating people I’ve ever talked with. [You can read his more complete bio is HERE.]


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