1941: The Year that Germany lost the War

On Sale June 4

A fresh look at the decisive year 1941, when Hitler’s miscalculations and policy of terror propelled Churchill, FDR, and Stalin into a powerful new alliance that defeated Nazi Germany. 


“deep and sweeping account”
The Washington Post
“a highly involving read”
The Wall Street Journal
"horrifying, informative, exciting and enlightening"
The Providence Journal
"reads like an adventure story"
Florida Times Union
"all of the book's main actors are painted with a complex but unsparing clarity"
The Christian Science Monitor
"far more intriguing than any Hollywood production"
City Journal
"a thrilling nonfiction account of postwar justice"
Kirkus Reviews
“vivid and detailed prose”
The Overseas Press Club Bulletin
“comprehensively informative”
The Wall Street Journal
“literate, factual, highly readable”
The Dallas Morning News
“vivid, reader-friendly”
The Wall Street Journal
“extremely valuable, highly readable"
Arizona Jewish Post
“emotionally galvanizing”
Gordon M. Goldstein
“superbly written”
Douglas Waller
Christopher Browning
“gripping, historically urgent”
Kati Marton
“must be read”
Alan Dershowitz

More than seven decades after the end of the Second World War, the era of the Nazi Hunters is drawing to a close as they and the hunted die off. Their full saga can now be told.

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