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Saving Freud: The Rescuers Who Brought Him to Freedom by Andrew Nagorski
(Simon & Schuster)

3 Rave • 1 Positive

“Andrew Nagorski spikes his thriller with truly terrifying notes… Shortly before the dash for freedom, two of Freud’s children, Anna and Martin, were questioned by the Gestapo… They had taken the precaution of asking Schur for a deadly barbiturate to take if torture ensued…Moreover, four of Freud’s elderly sisters stayed in Austria; three perished in Treblinka, while the fourth starved to death… At the end of this otherwise excellent book we are still left pondering how Freud himself, whose work was all about facing up to the unpleasant realities of human life, could carry on believing for so long that he alone could give History the slip… A gripping account of how colleagues and admirers spirited the psychoanalyst from Nazi-controlled Vienna to London.”

–Kathryn Hughes (The Guardian)