‘Cracking the Nazi Code’ Review: Seeing the Reich to Come

A professor of philosophy—and occasional spy for Britain—sent back early warnings from his time in Germany after World War I.

Unleashed Voice: Andrew Nagorski

Taiwan's punching very much above its apparent weight

Henry Kissinger, Architect of U.S. Foreign Policy and Owner of Its Disasters, Dies at 100

The Realpolitik operator re-opened China for Nixon and found détente with the Soviets—and sent incalculable numbers of Americans, Vietnamese, and other human beings to their death.

‘Fierce Ambition’ Review: Maggie Higgins at the Front

As a young war correspondent, she defied the skepticism of her male colleagues. Her drive left many struggling to catch up.

Spineless Putin Exposed as a Cowardly Tyrant

There’s nothing more dangerous for a strongman than showing signs of weakness. Putin’s cowardice is now clear for all to see.


Book Review: ‘The Lighthouse of Stalingrad’ Review: Truth and Lies After the Battle

The battle for Stalingrad was a critical victory for Soviet forces—but its ugly realities were obscured by the mythmaking that followed.

Mikhail Gorbachev, Who Sank the Soviet Empire With His Own Glasnost, Dead at 91

The West was euphoric with his dramatic steps to end the Cold War. But at home, his openness unleashed building pressures he couldn’t contain with half-measures toward freedom.

Sigmund Freud Was a Revolutionary Everywhere but at Home

The father of psychoanalysis transformed how we think about the mind in general and sexuality in particular, but he was a real cigar-and-slippers guy around the house.

Freudian Tip

A new book suggests Sigmund Freud would not have been the father of psychoanalysis history remembers him as were it not for his wife, Martha


Newly released Vatican archives cast Pius XII's wartime leadership in a damning light.

Why didn't Sigmund Freud flee the Nazis Earlier?

Despite his insights into human behavior and his own identity as a Jew, the father of psychoanalysis failed to see the dangers of Nazism.

Five Best: Books on Freud’s Circle of Intimates

Selected by Andrew Nagorski, the author of the forthcoming ‘Saving Freud: The Rescuers Who Brought Him to Freedom.’


The World’s Anti-Putin Powerhouse Is Starting to Crack... And the results could be disastrous.

POINT OF NO RETURN: The One Mistake Vladimir Putin Is Dying for Us to Make

This is how we can avoid falling into the trap of a man who is ready to take the whole world down with him

The Real Reason Putin’s Biggest Rivals Are Heading to Kyiv

It’s a high-stakes, global show of defiance like no other.

Hey Putin, Your Masochism Is Showing

The Russian president thinks the brutal economic beating his country is facing over Ukraine could ultimately work to his advantage. But he is sorely mistaken.

DASVIDANIYA! Putin’s Panicked Crackdown at Home Shows He’s on the Way Out

If history is any indication, Vladimir Putin already has one foot in his political grave.

‘An Impeccable Spy’ Review: Stalin’s Man in Tokyo

Richard Sorge drank heavily, bedded his associates’ wives—and provided the Soviets crucial information after Hitler’s invasion.

The Berlin Wall and the Collapse of Communism in Five Acts

The destruction of The Wall was a key symbolic act at the center of a much wider drama.

My Father’s Lifelong Torment Over Hitler’s Polish Invasion

Zygmunt Nagoski served in the Polish army that fought Hitler’s invasion in 1939. Time and again throughout the war, he survived, even as he lost family and friends.

Why Poland’s Solidarity Movement Should Be a Warning to Hong Kong

he violent crackdown by the government looked like the lesser of two evils. But it ultimately couldn’t protect Polish leaders or their Soviet masters.

How Hitler Failed

D-Day Did Not Turn the Tide in WWII. That Happened in 1941

Reagan Brought Down the Berlin Wall, but It Was George H.W. Bush Who Unified Germany

A united Germany might not have emerged at all without the consummate skill that the late president displayed.

The Savage Nazi Anti-Semitism of Kristallnacht Seen Through American Eyes

The author of ‘Hitlerland’ looks at the way Americans in Germany viewed the long brutal night that marked a turning point on the road to the Holocaust.

The Real Story Behind the Most Famous Nazi Hunt in History

uth behind the Israelis’ 1960 kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann, “the architect of the Holocaust,” is stranger than the fiction in the new film “Operation Finale.”

Farewell to Vladimir Voinovich, the Satirist Who Mocked the Soviet Union and Predicted Putin

His novels earned him exile from Russia, and then he was welcomed back, but Voinovich was always a thorn in the side of the powerful.

‘Chernobyl’ Review: Anatomy of a Disaster

The accident released 500 times as much radiation as the bombing of Hiroshima. The abandoned town feels like a Ukrainian Pompeii.

Why Trump’s Call With Taiwan Could Be a Breakthrough

I’ve seen this kind of gambit before. Back then, nervous commentators missed the long term value of a president being a little unpredictable.

Andrzej Wajda: The Filmmaker Who Tore Open the Iron Curtain

At time when the temptations of totalitarianism are on the rise, we should look at what Spielberg called this “artist’s view of history, democracy and freedom.”

Infiltrated a Ghetto to Expose the Nazis, But Nobody Would Believe Him

Jan Karski was a courier for the Polish underground determined to bring evidence of Nazi inhumanity—but the West wasn’t ready to listen.

The Italian Writer Who Predicted Brexit

While the vote in June came as a shock to many, decades ago a famous Italian journalist documented the currents working to tear Europe apart.

How they captured Adolf Eichmann

He was the most wanted Nazi who had evaded capture. Here's how a tiny band of Israelis went into another country and brought him to justice.

The long reach of justice

The world’s great villains can no longer escape their crimes

The Nazi Hunters’ Enduring Legacy

Why it matters to stand up for justice and demand atonement.

‘Why pick on me after all these years?’

Whether aging war criminals ever serve prison time is secondary to them being found guilty based on the evidence.

Old Fritz

A scholar's account of Prussia's enlightened despot.

Nazis vs. Jews: Beer Pong Edition

Did proto-Nazis invent bigoted games before American college students got into it?

Book Review: News From Berlin

Knowledge Can Kill

Germany in Extremis

The death, and rebirth, of its modern state.

A Proud Jewish Native Son

Book Review: Léon Blum: Prime Minister, Socialist, Zionist

Book Review: Artists Under Hitler by Jonathan Petropoulos

Danse Macabre: Not every artist fled in horror from the Third Reich

Mother Russia or Battered Spouse

Peter Pomerantsev portrays a Russia gripped by cynicism, deception, and despair and ruled by an elite whose only concern is perpetuating its own wealth and power.

Putin Tries to Undo the Tragedy of the Berlin Wall’s Fall

The former KGB officer’s campaign to rebuild the lost Soviet Union is racing against the ruble’s collapse.

Childhood's End

A story of guilt and innocence in Stalin's kingdom

Warsawgate Rocks Poland

Leaked recordings of top Polish officials dissing the Obama administration have worked to Putin’s benefit. Could he be behind them?

Poland's Warmed-Over Cold Warrior

The death of Poland’s last communist dictator comes 25 years after its first free elections, two events that tell us a lot about the old Cold War and the new one.

Book review: God and the Nazis

An American chaplain pursues a connection.

Brezhnev's Final Days - A Cover Story

Newsweek Memories

The Totalitarian Temptation

Liberalism's Enemies, Then and Now

Brutal Victor

The man who crushed the Wehrmacht

Jews Failed to Spot Hitler's Menace

Americans and Germans Were Slow To See the Nazi Danger

Israel, Iran and Hitler

History's Lesson

Extending the German Ban on ‘Mein Kampf’ Does More Harm Than Good

Right-wing extremism still flourishes in Germany, but forbidding the publication of Hitler’s screed accomplishes nothing - and may even make it more alluring to the wrong people

Dog Nights

The Gulag nightmare in an animals eye

Message to the U.S. and Europe

"It's Leadership, Stupid."

The Fallada File

The torment of a novelist in Nazi Germany

Poland's Solidarity

A Lesson for America

Secret Warrior

A Journalist Unlocks her Father's Heroic History

Chloe O'Brian

The American Hero of the Future (and the Present)

Book Review: 'Yalta'

by S.M. Plokhy

Testing Time for Obama

Ghost Patrol

The curious mythology of the Vietnam war

Reagans Missle Defense Triumph

Affirming Reagan's Missle Defense Vision

Bolsheviks Crime

Over There

A historian hears the echoes of the Great War

Power to the People

How a failed revolution in Eastern Europe ended up saving untold numbers of lives

Poland's Imperfect Revolution

Book Review Caly Czas (All the Time) by Janusz Anderman

Sizzling Shanghai

This fabled Chinese city sizzles with vitality, optimism and an unstoppable energy

Stalin's Blindness

He deceived himself about Hitler, and it cost millions of Russian lives

A Tortured Legacy


The Making of Andropov, 1982

This fabled Chinese city sizzles with vitality, optimism and an unstoppable energy