At the first of the Nuremberg trials, Justice Robert H. Jackson, the chief American prosecutor, delivered one of the most powerful opening statements in modern times. Speaking of the 22... read more

As in Soviet times, the bigger Moscow’s empire, the more it claims it’s threatened. Nobody should fall for that argument, but some influential Western voices still do.

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Russia’s president is gambling the future of his country to consolidate his grip on power. But his economy is a wreck and the people who support him today may well revile him tomorrow... read more

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Pope Benedict XVI's relatively unmomentous papacy may yet prove to be of resounding consequence.

Pope Benedict XVI's papacy has not been known for stellar moments, yet he is ending... read more

By Andrew Nagorski
I quickly—and often—irritated the Kremlin after starting my assignment as Newsweek’s Moscow bureau chief in May 1981.

 Solidarity was on the rise in Poland.  I... read more

One evening in June 1940, an excited crowd in Berlin awaited Adolf Hitler's arrival at the opera. The German army was scoring victory after victory in Europe at the time, and when the dictator... read more