In 1717, Frederick William, the king of Prussia, gave his 5-year-old son a full company of lead soldiers for Christmas. This was in keeping with the monarch’s insistence that the boy's education... read more

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In his two-volume biography of Adolf Hitler, the British historian Ian Kershaw wrote that 1924 was “when, like a phoenix arising from the ashes, Hitler could begin his emergence” as the “absolute... read more

There is nothing banal about the evil that these old men did. Without them, the Nazi extermination machine would not have functioned.

Imagine for a moment that, when you were a child, all... read more

Vladimir Putin has systematically worked to rehabilitate the image of Stalin, downplaying his record of mass murder while celebrating his role as the architect of victory in World War II. But... read more

Stalin erased his enemies, and North Korea still airbrushes them out. American universities should make sure they don’t go into the same business.

It is one of William... read more

Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin was both critically acclaimed and fiercely denounced. Its detractors accused the Yale historian of relativizing the Holocaust... read more

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