Nearly 70 years ago, U.S. Army Master Sergeant John C. Woods carried out his most famous assignment. On October 16, 1946, the beefy 35-year-old Kansan, the only American hangman in the European... read more

Contrast these two statements:

The first, written by British diplomat, author and politician Harold Nicolson, appeared at the end of his book Why Britain Is At War, hastily... read more

One of the great myths of the postwar era was that Israeli agents were constantly scouring hideouts all over the world, relentlessly tracking down Nazi war criminals. Nothing could be further from... read more

On May 30, a special court in Dakar, Senegal, sentenced Hissene Habre, the former president of Chad, to life imprisonment after finding him guilty of crimes against humanity, torture and sex... read more

One of the most famous German films right after the end of World War II was called Die Mörder sind unter uns — “The Murderers are Among Us.”

The movie’s main character is Suzanne... read more

The era of Nazi war crimes trials will soon be one of history’s closed chapters. More than 70 years after the end of World War II, the remaining cases like the current trial of the 94-year-old... read more

The tortuous route to apprehending the Holocaust’s chief henchman was full of surprises. No one could believe what squalor Eichmann lived in, or how ordinary he seemed.

“It was well... read more

Earlier this week, Andrew Nagorski divulged ... read more

Following a ground-breaking case in Germany last week, in which a former Auschwitz guard apologised for his crimes, Andrew Nagorski looks at the refusal of many former Nazis to... read more