The Vienna Review

by Bernhard Wenzl

Last Stop Vienna established Andrew Nagorski as a talented writer of historical fiction. Instructive and in places thrilling, the novel also deserves to be read by those interested in the initial stage of Nazism, history recreated as literature. Its creative blending of fact and fiction not only illuminates a less known chapter of the past but illustrates what might well have happened. Excellent historical fiction cannot achieve more.

Last Stop Vienna

A Novel
Last Stop Vienna

Germany in the 1920s, in the early days of Hitler and the Nazi party, was a country plunging into darkness and violence. Andrew Nagorski has written the story of a doomed generation, of evil, hopelessness, sexual perversion and murder that set the stage for the ultimate destruction of a society. But in a stunning denouement, a young Nazi brownshirt, acting out of passion and revenge, changes the course of history.