Foreign Affairs

John C. Campbell


Newsweek's former Moscow correspondent reports on his 14-month tour of duty in the Soviet Union (1981-82), cut short when he was unceremoniously expelled. That outcome should have been no surprise, as he was a "problem" from the start in the eyes of his Soviet hosts, consorting with dissidents, talking with Soviet citizens from all walks of life and in places far from Moscow, and developing his own sources of information. The book is an adventure story with the author as protagonist, not a treatise on Soviet politics or society, but Nagorski is a keen observer, and in recounting his own experience as a journalist he also paints a picture of the system and how it works.

Reluctant Farewell

An American Reporter's Candid Look Inside the Soviet Union
Reluctant Farewell

A Newsweek correspondent who was expelled in 1982 after just 14 months in Moscow, Nagorski traveled around the country looking for news rather than relying on official sources.