Interview with Andrew Nagorski

We talk with journalist Dan Barry about his book The Boys In The Bunkhouse. It’s about the scores of mentally challenged men who were exploited and abused as turkey plant workers and kept as virtual prisoners for decades in a small town in Iowa and how they got rescued.

Commentary: When did we stop caring about mass murder?

More mass graves are discovered in Iraqi and Syrian territory formerly held by the mass murderers known as Islamic State, and the news no longer shocks anyone. Nor does the fact that most Christians who have not yet fled the region, along with other minorities, live in constant terror of more atrocities and executions.

After the horrors of the Holocaust, we were supposed to live by the credo “Never Forget,” a phrase meant to apply both to past mass killings and to preventing similar actions in the future, whatever the body counts.

Clinton-Trump: Are We Looking At The Wrong Analogy?

We all have moments in our lives when we think: “Isn’t that like the time when...” Those moments are particularly intriguing when a new historical analogy comes to mind, something that has not already made the rounds of coffee shops and Facebook posts.

Infiltrated a Ghetto to Expose the Nazis, But Nobody Would Believe Him

In the summer of 1942, Jan Karski, a 28-year-old courier for the Polish underground, was instructed to undertake an extremely dangerous mission: a trip across Nazi-occupied Europe to London, where, with the help of the Polish government-in-exile there, he was to brief top Allied officials about what was happening in his native land. He was then to continue his journey to Washington, where once again he was supposed to meet with the highest officials.

Andrew Nagorski - The Nazi Hunters

This week, we follow the journey of the men and women who — in the aftermath of World War Two in Europe — dedicated themselves to visiting justice upon Hitler’s Henchmen. Veteran author and foreign correspondent Andrew Nagorski brings us these stories in The Nazi Hunters, stripping away the myths and caricatures of popular fiction. The book is also an implicit call to action, breathing life into the phrase “Never Again,” as the last cogs of the National Socialist Party’s bloody legacy, rust away.

Gold Coast International Film Festival

We are so thrilled to announce our special guest for our screening of The People vs. Fritz Bauer on Wednesday Night! Award-winning journalist and author of six books, Andrew Nagorski, will join us via Skype following the film!

His most recent book, The Nazi Hunters, has received rave reviews fromThe Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and other publications. In it, Nagorski examines, among others, the life and accomplishments of Fritz Bauer. Call for Tickets! 516-829-2570

Andrew Nagorski, The Nazi Hunters

Most Nazi murderers were never charged, and most of those put on trial avoided appropriate sentences. The United States could not punish them for crimes committed somewhere else; its law allowed only deportation to where they came from or where they participated in criminal activities. Ironically, even most of those deported continued to live in impunity. Besides, ‘there were hardly ever extradition requests’, according to Eli Rozenbaum of the Office of Special Investigations (OSI).

The Catskill Review of Books

This week’s CROB on WJFF, 90.5 FM 3:30, Friday 29 July and on https// interviews Andrew Nagorski about his new book “The Nazi Hunters".

Here's what Goldman Sachs' Henry Goldman said about Hitler's Germany in 1933

When it comes to Nazi Germany, one of the biggest questions most people have is how a country like Germany could transform into the disturbing and destructive state that it became under Adolf Hitler. And how did no one see it coming?

St. Augustine resident concludes Nazi era in new book

By Emelia Hitchner

The last living remnants of the Holocaust, the notorious Nazi war criminals and those who doggedly hunted them, have all but faded away.

Still, the tales of the monsters and heroes of World War II riddle the pages of history, specifically the books of author and St. Augustine resident Andrew Nagorski.

That’s because the past, Nagorski said, should never be forgotten.

The award-winning journalist’s most recent book, “The Nazi Hunters,” recounts pieces of history otherwise lost in time.


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